Therefore, ordering LYFT may result in either a mix of the two, or just VELO due to shortage of LYFT.

LYFT nicotine pouches are a tasty modern Swedish snus with exciting flavors completely without tobacco. The portions are in slim form, which makes them discreet and comfortable under the lip and that they flow less. LYFT's All White snus is something for you who are looking for a fresh experience together with a moderate nicotine experience. LYFT nicopods is one of our absolute best sellers with the flavors LYFT Freeze and LYFT Ice Cool as the most popular flavors. The LYFT flavors cover the entire spectrum with everything from mint snus to fruity flavors such as LYFT Tropical breeze. LYFT comes from the producer Fiedler & Lundgren



EPOK has changed name to LYFT, but that’s not all that has changed because now it’s whiter and even fresher! LYFT and its tobacco free nicotine pouches delivers the same energetic and flavorsome experience as EPOK Snus. All the characteristics from EPOK is still here (well, except from the tobacco) but they've been tuned to perfection!



In order to enhance the whitness of this already All White product some fine and innovative adjustment had to be done to the production process. Gone is the small amount of refined tobacco found in EPOK and to fill that hole more natural fibers from pine and eucalyptus has been added. This filling provides the same rich and full feel as before but now it truly stays white from start to finish. This completely reduces potential stain and eliminates the need to keep the pouches refrigerated in order for them to stay fresh.



Combine all of these innovative qualities and you get something positively marvelous. LYFT and its tobacco free and slim nicotine pouches are optimized for a discreet and comfortable fit. The completely white character keeps the drip close to zero, which in turn prolongs both the refreshing flavor-release and energetic nicotine-kick. LYFT amplifies all the great and beloved attributes from EPOK and takes them the next level. Experience the same savory burst of flavor and satisfying nicotine-kick, but in a whiter and fresher fashion with LYFT!